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By choosing and work with our digital marketing team agency in Johor Bahru, your success in your career will be in direct proportion to what you do after you've done.

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Markexpert is a digital marketing agency based in Johor Bahru that specializes in digital marketing. By providing digital marketing services, we help brands engage with people. Let’s be a part of our team that is dynamic and self-driven as well as we will help you to succeed.

Marketing Administration

Communication Skill
Written communication skills. Active listening skills. Verbal communication skills. Business correspondence. Interpersonal skills. Presentation skills. Public speaking. Editing skills. 96%
Technology Skill
Microsoft Office Suite. Faxing. QuickBooks. Office equipment. Common operating systems. Database management. Email skills. Social media. WordPress. 99%
Time Management Skill
Prioritization. Goal setting. Planning. Decision making. Delegation. Stress management. Strategic planning. Resource management. 94%
Organization Skill
Attention to detail. Multi-tasking skills. Bookkeeping. Appointment setting skills. Calendar management skills. Filing skills. Record-keeping skills. Event planning skills. 84%
Problem-Solving Skill
Conflict resolution. Critical thinking skills. Employee relations. Troubleshooting. Teamwork skills. Brainstorming. Creative thinking skills. 92%

Graphic Designer

Creativity Skill
Come up with new ideas and innovative designs 99%
Interactive Media Skill
Engage a user through mediums like text, moving image, animation, video, audio or video games. 82%
Communication Skill
Able to listen well, process feedback, and explain design elements—without getting technical—will give you a big advantage. 90%
Adobe's Creative Software Skill
Adobe Illustration, Adobe Photoshop. Adobe In-Design, Canva, WordPress 99%
Typography Skill
Ability to make written language not only legible but also visually appealing 85%

Content Copywriter

Excellent Writing Skill
Combining words together in the most fluent, nuanced, articulate and inspiring way. 99%
Great Research Skill
Conduct research to write a quality blog, web page or article 94%
SEO Skill
Produce SEO-optimised copy without it feeling like an awkward piece of writing 90%
Understanding Skill
Engaging and have a useful sentences 92%
Creativity Skill
Produce masterful articles that remain interesting 96%

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